15 Types of Silver Jewelry Clasps for Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces

auf October 15, 2018



Types of Silver Jewelry Clasps


Clasps might look fancy, but they are not just for decor. Did you know jewelers select jewelry clasps according to the weight and width or material of that it secures? Learn the secret behind using the right clasp for the right jewelry like a pro because I will teach you 15 commonly seen silver jewelry clasps in the next 4 minutes!

15 Common Types of Silver Jewelry Clasps To SElect Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings

Which is the strongest silver jewelry clasp for a pendant? Is lobster claw the right jewelry clasp for bracelets? How to recognize jewelry clasps? What is a lobster claw clasp? Which is the best clasp for heavy pendants? Can I use a hook and eye clasp for by anklet? How do jewelry clasps work? Which is the most secure jewelry clasp? Find your answers directly written by jewelry pros!


1.   S Hook Clasp

You will find ‘S’ shaped and ‘U’ shaped Hook and Eye Clasps for rings, earrings and necklaces, often handmade by the designer as it takes not more than a few minutes.


2.   Lobster Clasp

A sturdy clasp that prevents accidental unhooking, lobster clasps are often used for precious bracelets and necklaces. They are heavier and excellent to keep heavy pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in place.


3.   Ball Clasp

Popular as the bead clasp, ball clasps often have a bayonet or magnet closure. It flows with the design of the jewelry invisibly with gemstones or beaded ornaments on the clasp.


4.   Fishhook Clasp

With one open-ended and the other shaped as a fish, fishhook clasp invisible secure the jewelry within the multi-prong style of the fish-shaped clasp.


5.   Box Clasp

Shaped like an ornate box, this box-shaped clasp has a tab inserted into the box to keep the bracelet or pendant chain in place.


6.   Spring Clasp

Also called the Lanyard Clasp, Spring Clasp has been popular since an early 20th century. It is built with a spring that closes the clasp once placed inside the hook on a bracelet, necklace or pendant.


7.   Buckle Clasp

Mostly used for fabric or weaved necklaces, bracelets, and pendants, buckle clasp is a petite metallic or twine woven clasp that looks like a belt buckle.


8.   Swivel Clasp

A type of lobster claw clasp, swivel clasp is yet another safe and secure clasp that lets the chain turn 3600 on bracelets, anklets or toe rings with ease.


9.   Magnetic Clasp

Made for putting on necklaces, earrings and bracelets easily, magnetic clasps are built with a magnet inside.  The shape of the magnetic closure clasp depends on the jewelry design.


10. Toggle Clasp

A Bar and Ring type of clasp, Toggle Clasp secures bracelets, necklaces, and pendants with two components. The Q shaped clasp can also be substituted as a locket.


11. Adjustable Clasp

The commonest type of adjustable clasps is made from hook and eye closures that can be adjusted on a chain in varying lengths.


12. Button Clasp

You can use a button with a threaded hole on a weaved jewelry to hold it together as a button clasp. Another type of button clasp is Push Button Clasp, where you press the button into the tab to close it.


13. Filigree Invisible Clasp

Akin to fishhook clasps, filigree clasps are metallically laced to secure the necklace or bracelet without compromising on the shape of the clasp.


14. Screw Clasp

A simple and archaic type of clasp often seen on earrings and nose rings, screw clasp needs to be screwed all the way in for effective closure.


15. Ribbon Clasp

Tying a ribbon is all it takes to secure a leather or woven necklaces and bracelets. It might not be a good option for precious jewelry, but ribbon clasps accents your skin to look elegant in a wink!


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