7 ways to pick gorgeous necklaces and pendants For Your Face

auf October 18, 2018


Necklaces and Pendants For Your Face


Do you know how to check the shape of your face? All you need to do is pull back the hair and make an outline on the makeup mirror with an eye pencil. Compare it with our 7 Face Type Checklist to choose the best neckwear for you. Our experts experimented to compile the list of necklaces and pendants for your face with real-time experiments. Use facts to transform your face with gorgeous necklaces and pendants designed for the bold women.


How to Choose the Right necklaces for your FACE Type


What necklace should I wear for my triangular face? Is there any good jewelry for pear face? What is the secret pendant to look dashing with a square face? Get all your answered from proven experiments that suit your face and upgrades your personality.


1.   Necklaces for Round Face type

The symmetry of your face makes it best to wear long, triangle and layered necklaces and pendants than hoops. Besides complimenting the perfect alignment, you can also add abstract styles for a standout look. Do not wear a choker and tight necklaces if you have a round face.


2.   Diamond face shape pendants

For women with a long neck with a diamond-shaped face, choker fits while short neck with a diamond face can be highlighted with bellybutton long necklaces. Most necklaces contour to diamond-shaped faces. 


3.   Best necklaces for Heart shape

You need necklaces that shrink the width of your forehead. Pick dainty and petite pendants or layered bead necklaces for the best look. Do not wear medium length chains if you have a heart-shaped face. Go for stackable necklaces.


4.   Pendant for Triangle shaped face

While a bare neck appeals the most, petite and curvy necklaces puts the spotlight on you. Pear shape of your face blends into abstract dazzle when you pair layered beads of short length around the neck. Do not wear V-shaped pendants or necklaces if you have triangle face.


5.   Pendant necklace for Oval shaped face

From large pearls swinging at the neck to circular hoops and choker necklaces work well on the oval shape of the face. Almost every type of necklace fits oval-shaped face.


6.   Matching necklace for Square shape of face

To minimize the aggressive jawline, you need necklaces that hang with a swirl or ornate pendants with curl-type of artisanship. Do not wear choker necklaces if you have a square face shape.


7.   Oblong face pendant necklace

To shorten the length of a rectangular or oblong face shape, you need choker necklaces. Short length pendants and chains move the highlight from the length of the face. Layered necklaces are also a good choice. Do not wear long chains if you have an oblong face.



Best necklaces for face shape is not easy to pick. If you haven’t found the right necklace or pendant for your face type, send us a picture of you to the mail and we will tell you all the jewelry perfect to make you look dashing.


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