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auf March 26, 2018

From fire opal tassel pendants to dried lavender in a sterling silver chain, Trendsetter Chic is the epitome of fresh, new and never-seen-before jewelry models. She loves new colors, contrasts and shades so much that she spends about four hours every day updating the newest line of trending jewelry and fashion. No wonder, even kids turn around when she walks by.

I am what you might call ‘the Voguish Chic on the Block’. The earliest memory of jewelry was my mom’s long line of earrings. When I used to come back from school, I used to calculate the total time it took her to reach home and start dressing up with her earrings. And, because she had every type and shape of earrings, I fell in love with fancy jewelry.

I am that Hepburn in You, having breakfast with the hottest trends in jewelry every moment. Throughout my teenage, I used to experiment with a variety of fashion accessories and jewelry.

As a teenager, my ideas and tastes are newfangled. My jewelry styles are eccentric, yet swell. Hence, I earned the name of ‘Voguish Chic’ from the neighborhood skating clan of boys.

You will stumble upon snazzy and designer quality Swiss jewelry with limitless designs in my inventory. If you love modish or sassy jewelry, I’m your chic!

For me, jewelry is like wind. It keeps changing, however I faster I run. So, I’ve vowed to keep exploring the best trending hot jewelry pieces!

Voguish Jewelry That Makes Me Go Ga-Ga

I fall for every cut, clarity, shape and setting diamonds, gems and zirconia in rhodium. Are you addicted to trending hot and new jewelry like me?

1.     Love Butterfly Zirconia - Alice Love

Looking for perfect pendants to wear with your hot lacey blouse? This is a gorgeous butterfly chain studded in 26 white zirconia stone is a captivating voguish pendant with love embedded on one side. Get your faves, if you’re a trendsetter like me!

2.     Pretty Vicky - Necklace

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    Before you go …

    Are you interested in unique, spellbinding and offbeat jewelry? If you like ultra-modern jewelry pieces that stuns the looker, I’ve feel you gal!

    Explore my a la mode jewelry that are groovy and in vogue to accessorize your wardrobe with the latest styles!

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