Black and Bling Rebel at Heart

auf April 23, 2018

From two to three layered symmetric necklaces to gothically gorgeous studs, she has embraced a naturalistic rebellion so pure, that you will stand in awe at her style. She picks everything that reminds of the wilderness and embraces one that fits into her own wilderness. No wonder, one look at her subtle art of jewelry will make you turn your heart around!

I love the wild woods because they always have a secret beneath. It is the mystic that I love the most. If you want to indulge an air of mysticism and bling around you, embrace my style.

I am Bianca, as you can see from my preppy taste in the black stud I don so well! When I saw this stud, I knew I had the perfect symmetrical chain that goes with it.  But, when I wore it, I saw that the subtle black clover stud needed more bling. That’s when I decided to go with the handmade ice queen double layered necklace in gold. It’s dazzling, right!

Gorgeous Styles of Jewerly I Adore

Divine Sabrina - Celine Noex     Preppy Sabrina Black Stud

Looking for that subtle statement stud? Get your voice heard wearing the Preppy Black Stud that puts the edge back on you!

Ice Queen Gizelle     Ice Queen Giselle Necklace

Searching for the perfect bling that can get your party started? I’ve got the multilayer necklace made to party all-day, all-night!

Miracle Britney - Celine Noex     Braided Blue White Necklace

Hunting for that dainty beauty made just to glitter your night? Get the blue and white pendant necklace with multistones to carry The Art Nouveau style in grace!


Where Does Bianca wear #BlackAndBling

You know, I love mystic jewelry and I’m always looking for excuses to wear them. 

·       Beachwear

I love wearing this 2-layered perfect chain with most of my beachwear. I shimmer in the sun while getting tanned like a Greek Goddess. Added with the studs, it’s a real charm.

·       Partywear

When I’m out for a great party and I know I’ll dance, I love pairing my outfit with this chain because it sparkles a million shades under the party lights, clubs and bars.

·       Fashionwear

I love wearing the black stud when I’m fashion conscious and taking a stroll in the mall, out with my girls or boys.

Pull off Bianca's Perfect #BlackandBling look with your hair out like she has or up in a bun!


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