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auf April 18, 2018

From round diamond engagement rings to ageless earrings that sparkle only when she ruffles her hair, the Independent Business Woman is the embodiment of classic jewelry styles. She loves colors accepted since ages and accessories donned by the most powerful women through history. Moreover, she carries graceful styles with a spark of envy! 

I am what you call the ‘Corporate Queen of Elegance’. My jewelry is not just a décor, but a statement of my refined tastes. When my boyfriend in 5th grade gave a pendant with pink bows, I returned it right away because it was downright ugly. I took him to the shop and got me hooped silver earrings is a story for another day!

I do not pick up everything that glitters, but only one’s that makes me glitter. Throughout my teenage, I was drawn to jewelry worn by Rita Hayworth, Andrea Jung and Alexis Glick. When I joined my first job in Baltimore, I realized there were few urbane or comfy jewelry styles. So, decided to itemize the best jewelry style for the Working Women around the world. Now, you know why I’m called the ‘Corporate Queen of Elegance’!

You will stumble upon refined, suave, and classic jewelry styles that are attractive and simple in my selections. Although, you can wear these beauties to weddings and parties too. If you’re a Wall Street woman looking for earrings, pendants and bracelets that empower your identity, my collection will leave a mark on you!

For me, jewelry must not be a burden, but support my identity and personality. Nothing fancy, or noise. But, the pleasingly ingenious and deft.

Classic Jewelry Pieces I Wear to Work

I fall for elite and tasteful jewelry with a finesse to it! Do you follow classic jewelry designs too?

    Pearl Earrings Anna

Looking for elegant earrings to bring out your refined taste for office suites? I love these organic-looking natural earrings in pearl and white zirconia. Regardless of the blouse or suit you wear it with, the earrings will make your face glow!




     Twin Tregon Ayleen

Designed for elegance, this double triangle earring is one of a kind with unconventional pearl in its middle. A gorgeously gothic design, the twin trigon pearl drop chandelier type of earrings is best fit for workspace and casualwear outfits.


  Silver Lining

 A rugged looking block pendant set in channel set zirconia stones, twisted statement pendant on the link chain is a charming design. This is a classic blend of bling with exquisite designer jewelry, found nowhere else on Earth.


Before you go …

Are you a working woman? Do you love statement piece fashion jewelry that strengthens your personality? Perhaps you downvote overwhelming jewelry. Then, you’re the Corporate Queen too!

Explore my exclusive series of simple and graceful and modish jewelry designs fit for your corporate identity!

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