Classic Dreamy Stars Independent Business Woman

auf April 29, 2018

From bold pendants to hoops and starry earrings, she dons the perfect mix of class and dazzle. She is not office girl next door, but a classy woman with an elegant taste in jewelry. No wonder, she makes her female boss takes pointers and tips from her own jewelry!

I love classic pendants that sets tune to my personality. Every piece of jewelry I pick for work is elegant and comfy to wear for even up to 24 hours.

I’m Gioya, married to work and life, I like jewelry that helps me shine that outshine me. I usually go for the simplest pieces, but the star studded heart pendants on the chandelier caught my eye. I knew my zirconia channel stone set hoop earrings will make it a win for work I do. I must say, the star heart pendant with hooped stone earrings is even classier at a party in your office!

Gorgeous Styles of Jewerly I Adore

·      Star Drop Mystic Dangle Heart Chain

Want to be a star? Stars are made in heaven and I’ve a heavenly star that can make you look like a princess!

·      Letter Shaped 25-Stone D Stud

Searching for the bold and elegant stud for office? Get the D-Stud and become the prettiest woman in the office!

·      Fairy Fiona Dangle Earring

Want something simple yet eye catchy? Buy the pretty and glamorous pretty Fiona earring to make you shine in the dark.

Where Does Gioya wear #StarHeartPendant

My colleagues appreciate my fine taste in jewelry seem the elegant stars and heart I wear to work.  

·       Beachwear

With a beautiful bikini clubbed with the star chandelier pendant, you’re gonna beat the competition at the beach because I’ve been there, done that with this lovely pendant!

·       Partywear

I love wearing this zirconia set hoops earring with a bun on my hair and deep neck black jumpsuit to perfect my look for the elite parties.

·       Casualwear

When I’m out on my routines, I wear this hoop earring like a celebrity on a stroll in my park.

·       Officewear

No one beats my shimmer at the office, when I have the petite star chandelier ‘round my neck on a bright Monday in my office!

Pull off Gioya's Classy #StarHeartPendant look whatever hairstyle your office permits. It will make you’re the classiest women in the office, I promise!


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