Cleverest Ways to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry for Long-Term Use

auf June 13, 2018

From cleaning to storing and everyday use, sterling silver jewelry can tarnish easily with lack of care. We rounded up 7 outrageously intelligent ways to care for sterling silver jewelry as well as everything you need to know about sterling silver below. Get started right NOW!


What is Sterling Silver?

Purest silver is utterly soft and useless for lapidary (jewelry) use. That’s why, 92.5% of silver is mixed with an alloy such as copper to make it hard. Hence, the best quality silver is called 925 Sterling Silver.  

What happens when you don’t care for Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Due to the presence of copper in sterling silver, there are high chances of oxidation when the jewelry is exposed to air. The same is why, sterling silver jewelry that is unclean for long will have a green coating called patina on top of it. This means your sterling silver is alloyed with copper, not its fakeness.


7 Brilliant Ways to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to clean sterling silver? Is it right to wear silver jewelry while bathing? What is the right way to store silver jewelry? Get all your questions about how to care for sterling silver jewelry answered right away.

1.    Cleaning Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

When you’re cleaning sterling silver with harsh chemicals, the metal will bleed color. Jewelry pros recommend cleaning silver jewelry with 100% cotton cloth sans bristles. Just wipe it with warm water and you’re done. Avoid using thick bristle brushes if you want to prevent scratches on the jewelry.

2.    Exercising with Sterling Silver

As sweat can lead to discoloration in silver as well as gold, working out while wearing sterling silver jewelry is discouraged. Moreover, sterling silver can easily dent if you hit it accidentally with heavyweight equipment while working out.

3.    Storing your Jewelry in Silver

Sterling Silver Jewelry gets scratched easily, leading to dullness in its luster. The same is why, it is best to store silver jewelry pieces in individual cloth bags or boxes. Keep it dry and away from moisture and oxidation if you’re storing it away for long periods.

4.    Bathing or Swimming with Silver Jewelry

Same as sweat, chlorine is infamous for making dents in silver and gold jewelry. Moreover, harsh chemicals in your shampoo, conditioner, oil or soap can degrade the jewelry too. So, avoid wearing your sterling silver jewelry when going for a shower or swim.

5.    Gardening with Silver Jewelry

Dirt and sharp tools used in gardening can damage your sterling silver jewelry. Wearing the ring or sterling silver jewelry under gardening gloves adds to loosening the prongs. Hence, remove your jewelry before gardening.

6.    Chalk or Silica to Care for 925 Silver Jewelry

When storing silver earrings and pendants, add a piece of chalk or silica packs to remove humidity and moisture, which might otherwise tarnish the silver jewelry.

7.    Anti-Tarnish Strips Exclusive for Sterling Silver   

Another brilliant way to care for sterling silver jewelry is by using anti-tarnish strips or cloths. As they absorb sulfur quickly from the air, it is best for storage as well as cleaning.

Before you go …

If you want your sterling silver to look brilliant throughout your life, you need to care for it. Get started on professional ways to care for sterling silver jewelry to keep your jewels sparkling forever!


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