Complete guide to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry Matching your Style

auf October 21, 2018

Silver is one of the affordable noble metals with 8 times more supply than gold. However, it is priced 9 times cheaper than gold. Moreover, being a flexible metal, it is the best metal for fancy and fantasy jewelry. Accessorize your looks by learning how to buy Sterling Silver Jewelry matching your style and neckline, dress, the shape of the face and classic codes of perfection in the next ten minutes. Don’t waste time, start reading!


How to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry perfect for your style on Celine Noex


What’s the best way to find the perfect sterling silver earring? Is there a trick to find matching earrings? How to celebrities and Hollywood fashion designers put rockstar looks? What is the right way to buy authentic silver jewelry? How to avoid getting ripped off when buying silver online?

Silver is a noble metal that comes in genuine and fake. What you need is the right advice to prevent cheap silver purchases. Get your answers right now!


1.   Find the Style you Love

Every woman has a million individual styles. We mix and match clothes with jewelry according to our ideologies. On Celine Noex, we have Four Collections from Four Designers who are sassier and classier than every design you’ve ever laid eyes on.



She is the girl with glitter in her eye. Find a mesmerizing selection of sterling silver earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets from Glamorous Princess here.

Glamorous Princess



She is the Voguish Chic on the Block. Click to find the fabulous selection of sterling silver earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets here.

Trendsetter Chic



She is the ‘girl with choices full of life’. Unlock her resonating selection of sterling silver earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets here.

Rebel at Heart



She is the ‘Corporate Queen of Elegance’. Explore her classy selection of sterling silver earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets here.

Business Woman


2.   Pick Matching Jewelry for your Face

From earrings to necklaces and bracelets, there are many ways to find sterling silver jewelry that befits you. If you’ve an oblong face, chandelier earrings can make the face look long. Moreover, round face women should stay away from circular hoop earrings.

Read more on how to find jewelry according to the shape of your face.

Face Type


3.   Choose Right Jewelry for your neckline

If your chunky necklace clashes with the frilly ruffle top, you have more than a few tweaks to do. Depending on whether your blouse or dress has a V-neck, collar or square, choosing jewelry that complements your face and neckline works like a charm.

Read more on how to choose jewelry depending on the neckline of your dress.


4.   Select your Jewelry by the Occasion

Are you going for a formal, casual or road trip? From minimalist angel wings to heart pendant or chunky Suki the Cat, there are ways to jazz up your look. It will make you look sassy when picking jewelry by the event you’re wearing it for.


5.   Look for the Hallmark

Everyday jewelry does not trend because it lacks that innate breath of life within. That’s why you should experiment with Style and Fashion when you pick sterling silver earrings and necklaces. Look for the 925 Hallmark that stands for 92.5% purity of silver for durability.  


Before you go …

Sterling silver is valuable just like gold. However, you can buy 8 times more jewelry, if you choose 925 Sterling Silver than you buy gold. Heck, you can switch your jewelry every time you change your clothes or style.

Still wondering about that best look for a new dress? Share the image of the dress in the comments and we will help you right away.



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