Cutesy Doll Queen - Glamorous Princess

auf April 25, 2018

From stars to cats and pretty flowers, everything cute enthralls her. Besides Suki around her neck in the picture, she picks cutest studs and pendants that echoes her happy hours. Rain, hail, or snow, she wears the perfect pendants that make you awe ‘n’ drool!

I love everything cute because cute is beautiful and untarnished and the best of both worlds. I fancy lovely jewelry that emphasizes my happy mood.

I am Elena, in love with the world and everything in it. Jewelry for me is the long ray of shine that brightens the curves of radiance within you. That’s why Suki the Cat with his cute bows mean so much to me. It pairs well with the star studded zirconia earring. I felt like a shimmering pink firefly glazing through people in awe, when I pair this earring-pendant combo on my casual wear. Suki and Stars, define my happiest mood!

Gorgeous Styles of Jewerly I Adore

·      Suki the Cat

Looking for the perfect pet to complement your fashion? Take Suki the cat out on a fun evening and see the magic!

·      Invisible Flower Earring

Don’t search for the best flowers anymore because we have them. Get your invisible set floral earring to see and match it with your best night out with friends!

·      Twin Princess Tiara Hoops

Want to be the center of attention? Get this twin princess hoops tiara to set spice to your evening to make you look like a timeless queen.

Where Does Elena wear #SukiStarCombo

My wardrobe is filled with cat pendants, each one better than the other so you know now how cute are my tastes!

·       Beachwear

I love wearing my lovely Suki the Cat with my beachwear. Honestly, I don’t know the number of conversations this little pendant has started with gorgeous people on the beach till date!

·       Casualwear

When I’m out on a chore, I like to take Suki and stars with me. It’s like surrounded by warmth when you’re outside!

·       Officewear

Another way I love to wear this cute cat pendant is to work. It is subtle and safe to wear to work. Moreover, the star studded pendant makes me smile more on my weekdays at work!

·       Partywear

Suki the Cat with Stars has landed me more attention in parties when I get on the dance floor. From girls to boys, everyone wants to know where I got such a cute cat!

Pull off Elena's cutesy #SukiStarCombo look with a ponytail or two with tees and skirts!


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