Everything you Need to Know about Silver Patina and Tarnish

auf June 11, 2018

Silver is a natural metal that tarnishes with a black film over it or green when it forms a patina. Tarnish indicates slight damage, while patina doesn’t. Moreover, tarnishing silver jewelry is a direct sign of lack of care of the user. Explore the simple and easy ways to keep your silver sparkling with 2 minutes once a week!

Why does Silver Tarnish?

Silver tarnishes due to oxidation. As pure silver is unsuitable for ornamental purposes, it is made with an alloy of copper or nickel, which leads to oxidation.  More than exposure to oxygen, sulfur in the air leads to its damage.

What is Silver Patina?

Unlike tarnish, patina is not dull, but seen in pretty colors of green. When the silver develops the patina, it can stain the user’s skin too. Watch out for the pretty green patina that proves your silver is real!

Is Tarnish same as Rusting?

No; tarnish affects the first layer of the silver while rush damages the metal from the core. In short, tarnish protects the silver from further degradation.


3 Ways to Get Rid of Silver Patina and Tarnish at Home

Is it easy to clean the silver patina and tarnish? What do you need to get rid of the tarnish on silver? Does the patina prove the Sterling Silver is Fake? How to quickly clean the patina or black tarnish off the silver? Get all your questions about ways to clean silver patina and tarnish answered by experts!

1.    Silver Cleaning Cloth

Design to clean silver jewelry and cutlery, the silver cloth can expertly remove tarnish and patina on the metal without damaging it. A microfiber will do as well. Don’t forget to move frequently to avoid putting the tarnish back!

2.    Cook the Tarnish Away

You can take an Aluminum Foil and place it in a bowl with piping hot water. After placing the silver on the foil, sprinkle baking soda to see the tarnish frizz out from the metal!

3.    Warm Water Cleaning

While many advocated soaking silver jewelry in soapy water, it is not recommended due to harsh chemicals in it. Just soak the silver in lukewarm water for 10 minutes and clean with a soft cloth every 2 weeks. Don’t Polish until Next Year or Two!


How to Prevent your Silver from Tarnishing in 4 Simple Steps

As pure silver is unusable, you need to take care of the silver you have to prevent it from tarnishing. The key is to follow a routine of cleaning, polishing and storing sterling silver jewelry from now on. It takes 2 minutes to save your precious silver. Start already!

·      Anti-Tarnish Storage

Created with material to prevent oxidation of silver, anti-tarnish bags keep the sulfur away. One can last for up to 2 years!

·      Renaissance Wax for Preventing Patina on Silver

The pH balanced wax is ideal for sparkling your silver and keeping the tarnish away. Being a transparent wax, it will shine your jewelry than mar its beauty!

·      Papers to Stop Tarnish on Silver

Lining your silver storage box with anti-tarnish paper is yet another smart way to prevent oxidation of the precious metal. Made with 3M Anti-Tarnish, the strip is 17.5x5 cm and easy to use. All you need to do is place it near your silver jewelry and the paper will absorb the tarnishing agents ASAP!



Before you go …

Also remember that cleaning your silver jewelry too many times will reduce its weight. This is because every time you rub off the tarnish, you’re removing a tiny amount of silver that oxidized.

If you have any doubts about silver patina and tarnish, don’t hesitate to ask us below!

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