Heart With a Key - Glamorous Princess

auf April 24, 2018

From pretty pink hearts to gemstones of all types, she knows the beating heart of jewelry. She picks nothing but soothing colors because it complements her own graceful self. That’s why, once you see her pull off a heart pendant, you’ll fall in love with metal hearts filled with zirconia stones!

I love pretty pendants that shine with meaning and subtle bling in the foray because I shine brightly too. Imagine walking into a room with an enchanting pendant that bewitches every person you look. That’s my jewelry style, gals!

I am Bianca, the Princess of all things pretty. I stumbled on this piece during my last snazzy jewelry hunt. I saw it but I don’t know when I even picked it; such was its charm. To all yesterday’s parties I have worn this lovely heart shaped pendant in gold, I felt like a Seraph, more than an angel. This pendant makes me blush so much. I so love all the attention this keyhole heart pendant gets me. It’s my fave!

Gorgeous Styles of Jewerly I Adore

Key Heart Rosé - Celine NoexKey Heart Rosé

Searching for a pretty pendant to turn your evening around? Get this beauty beyond wonder, rose gold pendant that beats precious metals in a wink!

Golden Glossy Rose Heart - Celine NoexGolden Glossy Rose Heart

Looking for the perfect gloss to make your date night a big hit? Get going with this lovely golden heart set with stones to fire your date!

Divine Sabrina Preppy Sabrina Black Stud

Want an all-rounder stud to make jewelry decisions easier? When I look for studs that blend easily, this preppy stud always wins my heart!


Where Does Bianca wear #PrincessKeyholeHeart

My gals know I love pretty pendants because I feel Iike a princess when I wear it. 

·       Partywear

I love wearing this keyhole heart shaped pendant for slow dance parties with my little black dress or low neck gown. It makes me better than Cinderella, you bet!

·       Officewear

When I’m feeling great on the weekday, I club the preppy black stud with the keyhole pendant with my officewear like a Madame!

·       Fashionwear

Wearing this on a wild late night trip to LA with my girls was the best thing I did. We all have this same keyhole heart pendants now to reminisce our timeless moments together!

Pull off Bianca's Perfect #PrincessKeyholeHeartPendant look with a wavy hairdo or in a ponytail with deep neck top!


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