How to Choose the Right Jewelry for your Dress

auf August 25, 2018

Did you know the oldest found jewelry was made from Nassarius shells, dating back 100,000 years old? Almost as old as us, right? If jewelry was a sign of status in the bygone ages, today the right jewelry can win elections and win jackpots. It even has a direct effect on the mood of the wearer as well as the vibe. If you’re excited, find out how to choose the right jewelry for your dress according to the type of dress and the neck. It’s a proven system and takes 1 minute to read!


Step By Step Method to Choose the Right Jewelry for your Dress

Which is the right jewelry for necklines that are fancy? How to pick the right pendant for sweetheart's neck? Can I wear a thin chain pendant with my turtle neck? Why not to wear earrings with shirts? Find the answer that works!


1.   How to Choose the Right Jewelry for your Dress type

Every dress has its own accentuating silhouettes and curves it contours your body into. When you pick the right jewelry for your dress, the limelight falls on you. Surprise yourself!



The perfect jewelry to match shirt collars for women is tight necklaces rather than earrings such as chokers with embellished details.



It is best to go for a dazzling pendant necklace that covers your neck than an earring when you’re wearing a sleeveless blouse or dress.



As the neck is bare you can highlight it with an ornate or thin chain necklace/ pendant. Hanging lockets are also sizzling for parties.



Turtlenecks and similar closed neck dresses get the spotlight when you accessorize with stackable necklaces, layered chains or plain long pendants. Go for a pearl or silver stud if you have to wear earrings.



When you’re pulling an off-shoulder look, bare neck rocks with long chandelier earrings. However, you can also jazz up with asymmetrical necklaces to highlight the curves of one-shoulder.



2.   How to choose jewelry by the NECK of your outfit

The neck of your top, blouse or dress is not often adorned with frills or sparkles. Clubbing earrings and necklaces or pendants according to the neck of the outfit works like a charm everywhere, I promise.

1.   V NECK

Nothing beats a Y or V-shaped pendant chain on a V neck dress. Earrings pair well with this combo. Triangle pendants can also put the highlight on you.



A dainty or petite pendant with thin chains or embellished locket in symmetrical shapes can upgrade your looks like a diva.



I’m not kidding when I say, you can ditch the necklace altogether and go for a chandelier earring. But, if you must, layered necklaces or multiple pendants can rock the look. 


4.   Boat Neck

A tight choker is classy while low hanging pendants and stacked necklaces make you look sensuous from every angle.


5.   Heart Neck

Also called the Sweetheart's neck, heart neck dress go well with pendants or beaded necklaces that encircle the collar bones. Ditch the necklace if you want to buy a drop earring with heart neck blouse.


6.   Scoop Neck

Best paired with embellished and ornate pendants that hang above the neck, scoop neck dresses go well with stud earrings too.


7.   Round NECK

A sassy jewelry looks to the club with round neck blouse or dress is a pearl or beaded round that tightly hugs your neck.



You must keep the type of event and time of day before choosing the right jewelry for your dress. As a rule of thumb, gemstone jewelry shimmers best in natural light while silver and noble metals have an ethereal charm after twilight. Choose wisely.

If you have a special occasion or dress you want to select the perfect jewelry for, ask me in the comments below. I promise I’ll respond in a day!



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