Top 7 Tips - How To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

auf August 31, 2018



Stand up and walk to your makeup mirror. Pull the hair back and tie it at the back. Take a color pencil and draw the silhouette of your face. Compare it with the seven popular face shapes and you will understand your face shape in 4 seconds! Once you identify the narrow and wide areas of your face, we can tell you the right earrings to make your face look wider, symmetrical or narrow. It takes one tip to pick matching earrings for your face shape!  


Top 7 Tips - How To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape


1. Round Shaped Face Earrings

As the face is widest around the cheeks, round faces dazzle with chandelier and drop earrings. Do not pair hoops if you have a round face.

Green Emerald Earrings Teardrop Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings

2. Earrings For Diamond Shape

An angular symmetry narrow at the forehead and chin, best earring for the diamond shape of the face are rings, triangles and teardrops or chandelier with wide dangling bottoms. Do not wear long earrings if you have a diamond face.

Flower Stones Stud Earrings

3. Studs And Earrings For Heart Shaped Face

As the forehead tends to be the widest part of heart face, you need earrings that are wide at the bottom. Go for teardrops and triangle earrings longer than the chin. Do not wear long earrings or wide studs if you have a heart face shape.

Pearl Triangle Drop Earrings Miley Swirls Earrings

4. Best Earrings For Oval Shaped Face

Your face is long and the best earrings are shorter than your chin. Studs, tassels, and hoops are a great choice for oval shaped faces. Do not wear long or dangling earrings if you have an oval face.

Preppy Sabrina Black Stud Orange Topaz Channel Set Hoop Earrings

5. Square Shaped Face Best Earrings

Finding earrings or jewelry that narrow your faces such as long drop earrings, hoops or sleek chandelier earrings. Do not pair studs or wide drop dangle earrings if you have a square face.

Miranda Metallica Dangle Earrings

6. Earrings For Triangle Or Pear Face

Wide jaw and pointy forehead describe the pear or triangular face shape. You need studs or teardrop earrings that add width to your jaw. Do not wear narrowly long earrings if you have a pear face.

Crown of Blue Topaz Stud Earrings Star in Double Hoop Stone Studded Dangle

7. Top Earrings For Rectangle / Oblong Shaped Face

Rectangular or oblong faces look best with hoops, buttons, and studs. Do not pair long chandeliers or drops if you have an oblong face.

Blue Topaz Petal Stud Earrings Britney Florid Glitz Earrings



Bonus Tip - Which Are The Best Earrings For Large Earlobes?

Sparkling petite studs to buttons and short dangles all work well with large earlobes as there is a lot of room for improvisation. You can also add multiple piercings and earrings if you have large earlobes.

Blue Topaz Oval Princess Halo Stud Kim Uptown Hoops Earrings


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