Laced with Love - Rebel At Heart

auf May 01, 2018

A true queen of excellent taste in pendants, she loves hearts filled with gold. She picks pendants worth waiting a lifetime for. Her styles are exquisite and unique and that’s why no one can beat her in the art of wearing hearts on the sleeve!

I love hearts, shapes and curves with fancy stones on Gold. It was spring when I fell in love first and I still love everything about love, from hearts to lips and gowns in white. A Rebellious Red Riding Hood, here to smite you with zazzy jewelry!

I’m Charlotte, enchanted by life and its fullness, I celebrate every jewelry I wear. This heart shaped pendant with zirconia in channel setting was a gift from a sweetheart. It was everything dainty and bedazzling like our bond. I wear it like an amulet that protects me everywhere and I bet it stands natural wear and tear!


Gorgeous Styles of Jewerly I Adore

   Pendant Daniela Rosé

 Want a pedant to captivate everyone? Love heart laced with stones and golden silhouettes make this pendant an eye-turner.

   Whimsical Angel Heart

Look for a pretty stud that combines grace and macho into one? Get your hands on the whimsical angel heart studs to make your attire like super-cool!

   Stud Silhouette Heart

Hunting for the freshest new pair of dangle earrings? Pick both now to Mix and match with crescent moon and star!


Where Does Charlotte wear #LoveLacedHeart

I wear things that make me show what’s burning inside my heart. It must fit well with me and the occasion! 

·       Beachwear

When I’m in a kaftan or draped one-piece at the beach, nothing balms me agonies like the soft heart pendant in gold. It is beach worthy and excellent to make a great impression on people around you!

·       Casualwear

Going out is a classy thing for me once I hook this pretty gold pink heart full of stones around my neck. It surely levels-up my days!

·       Partywear

I love wearing this half heart zirconia filled gold pendant to parties with my gown or ankle length skirts. It makes me flirty and passionate on the dance floor!

Pull off Charlotte’s Dainty #LoveLacedHeart look with a curly hairdo like she does or pin it up into a bun, but don’t forget to get a dark shade of blouse!


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