Meet Kim - The Rebel At Heart

auf May 22, 2018

From Turkish coin choker necklace to hammered platinum with bright zirconia in rope chains, The Rebel at Heart fancies offbeat and radical picks of jewelry. Her trinkets are innovative, epic and meaningful. She’s always vouching for lively jewelry designs that adds life to her attires!

I am what you call ‘girl with choices full of life’. It was in my 1st grade that I first chanced upon a beautiful twig during my game with Laura, my BFF at that time. The twig had a beautiful shade and I just couldn’t walk away from it. So, I took it home, put glitter and stones from my Sunday Best, on it. My mother says, I wore that twig as a pendant on an orange twine for months!

When I moved into college, I packed the 4x5 ft. box filled with the jewelry I’d made for a decade. Thankfully, it turned out to be a treasure so fast because in college, fancy jewelry makes cults and I must say I was the godmother of a few. That’s for Lols!

Within a few months, girls around the dorm were constantly begging me to make jewelry designs for their special parties and dates. Needless to say, I’m still making inspiring jewelry that speaks lengths today. Now you know, why my fellow-designers call me a rebel at heart.  

You will find unconventional, unorthodox and straight-off startling jewelry pieces here, available nowhere else. I recommend rebel@heart jewelry pieces for all the women who want accessories that breathe life into their personality.

I love jewelry with a beating heart. I believe every piece of jewelry has a fire within. When it comes to making metals come alive, my designs are on-point!

Suave Designs of Jewelry I Respect 

I fall for costume jewelry with a purpose behind. Are you a fan of the symbolic jewelry designs too?

1.     Hanging Blue Beaded White Zircon Heart

Looking for cool and kooky metallic chain to bring out the spirit of fashion within you? My best-pick is this raving heart made of blue and white stones on a long metallic chain. It will earn your respect from fashionistas for sure!

2.     Another Style

20 Words Ad like description with keywords on why GP likes it and what makes it unique.

3.     Another Style

  • Words Ad like description with keywords on why GP likes it and what makes it unique.

Before you go …

Do you love fancy jewelry pieces that starts conversations? Then, you are Rebel At Heart too!

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