The Glamorous Princess

auf March 18, 2018


Today we are going to share you a story of a princess who was very beautiful and attractive and was the only child of her parents. She looked glamorous when she wears the best pieces of clothes and jewelry at the right occasions. It helped her to highlight her personality and made her shine like a star.

One day, she had her birthday party where her parents invited the people from all around. It was the biggest day for her. A prince from the royal family was also invited to the party where princess was enjoying with her friends and other guests. The prince was happy and surprised to see the princess’s shine, her beauty and attractive clothes. The prince got attracted to the princess and tried to talk to her, but she was sitting with her friends and she did not give even a single look to the princess. The event went well and everything was back to the routine. The princess completely forgot about the event and the prince as well.

On the other hand, the price was planning something different. He went to the princess castle again and again to get a chance to meet her. One day when the princess was walking out, he stepped in and tried to be her friend. The princess also liked his company. While walking with the prince, the princess lost her favorite bracelet she loved. They both tried to find the bracelet but did not get the one. The prince promised her to get the same for her. After several meetings, the prince decided to meet and purpose the princess in front of people around.

He went to different shops and tried to get a gift for the princess, but he did not find anything attractive for the princess that can compensate her beauty. At the end, he decided to purchase a beautiful, attractive and elegant bracelet that looked same as the princess’ bracelet.

After getting the styled bracelet, the prince decided to purpose the princess to marry him. It was a romantic moment when he went to the castle and requested the king to meet the princess. The moment princess came in front of the prince, he was blanked and was moving towards her slowly. He presented the best bracelet piece to the princess and requested her to marry him. The bracelet was so elegant and stylish just like her beauty. The princess looked at the prince and smiled (the best jewelry is a smile) and happily accepted his proposal. They lived happily afterward.

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