The Glamorous Amanda

auf March 26, 2018

From cushion cut diamonds to lux layered gaudy chains, The Glamorous Princess loves to flaunt a style little-seen or even known. She loves unique hues, special tints and iridescent sparkles on her accessories. And, she’s the glamour queen with a style that awes everybody!

Meet the Glamorous Princess

I am what you call ‘the girl with glitter in her eye’. I love everything handmade that sparkles my creativity. When I was five, my grandmother gave her lovely freshwater pearl earring with white zirconia stones. Since then, I am in in love with pretty and dashing jewelry. That’s why I started stringing pretty pearls and white zirconia stones from my neighborhood store for my best friends in the 7th grade. That did make me a startling side-revenue, you bet!

I joined fine arts in college because I wanted to make beautiful jewelry that makes the looker awe! It was not a popular fashion in New Jersey, but I introduced my glamorous line of jewelry in my hometown too. Today, my friends say I’m hard to keep up with when we’re shopping for jewelry because I end up spending hours on every glittery jewel or shop I come by. So, you know why I’m called ‘the girl with glitter in her eye’.

You will find truly special and eye-catchy jewelry studded with white zirconia stones in breathtaking settings in my inventory of glamorous jewels. I recommend the glamorous line of jewelry perfect for events such as balls, dances, extravagant parties and proms.

I believe every piece of jewelry you wear, adds a feather to your invisible beauty hat!

Gorgeous Styles of Jewerly I Adore

I fall for fine jewelry with a pretty polish to it. Are you a fan of the sweetest jewelry designs online?

Amanda Wonder1.    Amanda Wonder - Earrings

Looking for perfect neckpieces to highlight your sexy gaudy or deep neck attire? This lovely Star Heart from Amanda Wonder 10 Stone White Zirconia Ring with a Metallic Star and Heart Shaped White Stone is an eye-turner at parties, I promise!


2.     Josephine - Earrings

The shining Earrings named after Princess Josephine, which shines like Diamonds on your ears.

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    Do you love charming jewelry that turns every eye you meet? Then, you’re a Glamorous Princess too! Explore my handpicked selection of Glamorous Jewelry that matches your Pretty Style!

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