What You Must Know About The Natural Gemstone Zircon

auf October 28, 2018

Did you know zircon is 4.5 million years old? Heck, Earth was made only 4.56 million years ago! That’s why scientists are using zircon to determine how the earth began as it was present since Day 01 after Big Bang when the earth began to crystallize or solidify.  It is a 100% natural gemstone, unlike Cubic Zirconia. Knowing about the natural gemstone zircon will help you understand why is it the most popular and affordable stone in jewelry across the world!

Pros and Cons of using Zircon Silver Jewelry 

Is zircon a better option than diamonds? Why is cubic zirconia more important than natural gemstone zircon? What are the properties of zircon stone? Is it a quality stone for fine jewelry? Find all your answers below!

Natural Gemstone Zircon

What is Zircon?

With 7.5 on MOHS, zircon cracks easily. It is a natural stone popular as Azargun and Hyacinth too. The evil eye protection stone roots from the German word Zirkon meaning bright red for the color of red zircon.

Is Zircon and cubic Zirconia the same thing?

Definitely not. Zircon is a natural stone while zirconia or CZ is a lab-grown stone. Zircon was discovered 40 years after finding zircon. Moreover, Zircon is formed from zirconium silicate while Cubic Zirconia is composed of zirconium oxide.

Natural Gemstone Zircon

Are zircon stones expensive?

CZ beats diamonds too. Zircon fetches a value of $75 to $200 while Cubic Zirconia is available for $20 anywhere.


Can Zircon Change Color?

Yes, after exposure to sunlight zircons that are heat treated return to their original colors. It is naturally available in a wide array of colors such as red, yellow, white, green and blue.


What is the difference between zircon and diamonds?

While diamond is considered the hardest substance on earth, the synthetic variety Cubic Zirconia is 90% clearer than diamonds. Both are natural stones of varying hardness and clarity.


Advantages of using Zircon

Why wear a zircon? What is so special about zircon? Can I wear zircon in middle finger? What are zircon rings? How much does zircon cost against diamond and zirconia? What is the chemical composition of zircon? Unlock ANSWERS right away!



When you look at zircon from varied angles, the color of the stone changes. This phenomenon is called pleochroism where zircon shows colors such as blue and green.


·    Affordable than Diamonds

Diamonds are priced at $9,300 per carat for an ideal cut stone whereas zircon is priced 80% low at $75- $200.


·    Double Refraction

As the refractive index of zircon is 1.93 to 1.98, it waltzes with the light entering it. CZ refractive index is above 2. However, it is matchless against the play of fire seen within a zircon stone.


·    Denser than Diamond

Recorded 50% denser than diamond, zircon is a strong stone. For example, the one-carat diamond will look as big as 1.5-carat zircon! 


Disadvantages of using Zircon

Why not use zircon? What are the demerits and cons of zircon? How to use zircon for a long time? Is zircon how to guide useful for wearing the stone? How is zircon made? Discuss with our gem pros right down!


·    Mild Cloudiness can bring down the mineral value

Birefringence in zircon is the splitting of rays to travel parallel. The same is why, even though Zircon is almost never cloudy, it appears blurred due to birefringence.


·    Brittle and can Break Easily

As zircon is a brittle stone, mild knocks and bumps can shatter it. Moreover, zircon loses the facet shape due to natural wear and tear.


Before you go …

Zircon has the highest dispersion of light that makes it look vibrant quicker than any other gemstone. Did you know most colors of zircon appear on heat treated brown zircon? It’s not a surprise to us because we’ve been working with zircons for decades.

If you have any doubts about wearing zircon to a party or a new place, ask us in the comments below!

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durch Lynne auf August 13, 2020

I want to know how a jeweller can tell the difference between natural Zircon and CZ. Is there a test they can do easilyto enable valuation or assurity that your stone is a natural gemstone.


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