Why Stop Buying Brass Jewelry and Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

auf June 12, 2018

From being poisonous to allergenic, there are many right reasons to stop buying brass jewelry. The same is why we found the best alternative for jewelry lovers of all types. If you start buying sterling silver jewelry, you choose an heirloom-quality metal that lasts a lifetime. Explore why to avoid brass in jewelry and proactively by sterling silver jewelry pieces according to facts!

3 Reasons why you must Stop Buying Brass Jewelry

Often made of copper and zinc, brass is a mixture of minerals such as zinc, copper, nickel or chromium.  Brass jewelry is available at cheap prices and can even contain uneven amounts of lead, leading to lead poisoning. We will tell you the right reasons to stop buying brass jewelry starting NOW!

·      It’s Cheap, no Doubt

Brass is tacky because it is often imperfectly manufactured. From rugged ends to discoloration, brass jewelry rots very quickly. We’re not kidding. As brass is a mix of various alloys, it can oxidize and tarnish unevenly too. Brass jewelry degrades the fastest with colors of black and brown coating on it.  Moreover, no brass jewelry can beat the look of a gold or sterling silver sparkly.

·      Allergenic to Users

When you buy brass, you often get an alloy of brass. Brass jewelry is found mixed with iron, copper, zinc and nickel. As nickel is allergic to most people, you might end up with a rash or allergic reaction when you wear brass jewelry made with a nickel alloy. Hence, it is an allergenic metal to avoid.

·      Brass can Make you the Green Goblin

As brass is alloyed with a higher percentage of zinc, green patina is common to brass jewelry. Often you will see your skin turn into green color much more than that of a sterling silver jewelry. Gold does not form any patina or turn your skin green.


3 Why do Experts Suggest to Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

Unlike brass, silver is timeless and moderately pricey. You will find celebrities to queens and princesses adorning sterling silver baubles proudly. Switching to noble metals when investing in jewelry is the best way to treat yourself with timeless pieces as old as humanity!

Listen to the experts say why to start buying sterling silver jewelry for health and wealth reasons!

·      It’s Affordable and Durable

Sterling silver is not as pricey as Gold, yet is one of the noble metals. Instead of adding perishable brass jewelry to your collection, add eternal pieces made from 925 Sterling Silver. It will stand a lifetime you take good care of it.

Next time you’re off to a jewelry museum, look for silver pieces to appreciate the durability.

·      Sterling Silver is not Allergenic 

It is rare to see sterling silver alloyed with nickel. To avoid it, you can specify zinc or copper alloy to ensure you do not develop rashes when wearing your favorite piece. The hypoallergenic noble metal is most favored for long-term jewelry wearing.

·      You have Limitless Styles in Sterling Silver

As silver is available widely, designers have done magic with sterling silver jewelry. You can see them in our store as we proudly design in Sterling Silver jewelry. Moreover, unlike gold or platinum, you can collect sterling silver jewelry without the price tag eating at your conscience.


Before you go …

Brass used to represent regal hues once upon a time. However, brass jewelry emanates cheapness and toxic health risks. If you’re thinking of buying jewelry that is affordable and elite, sterling silver is the way to go.

We love brass, but it’s so hard to find all the minerals in any random brass jewelry. That’s why, choose safe, choose Sterling Silver. Leave your questions in the comments below!


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